I’m an experienced and enthusiastic speaker who has appeared at many conferences and corporate events. My areas of expertise are core messaging, digital marketing, content marketing and social media. My presentations and workshops are interactive, and deliver information that is relevant, valuable and actionable. For more information, send an e-mail to, or call 416-669-7028.

The topics I speak about include:

Startup Marketing: How do startups attract the spotlight? How to they create marketing plans do effectively tell world who they are, what they do and their competitive edge? This presentation covers how to create marketing strategies and and, as important, tactical execution plans.

What’s the Big Deal About Content Marketing? What is content marketing? How do you get into it? How do you measure success? How much should you invest? Get insight into why content marketing can be a powerful tool for small and large companies.

Social Media Marketing: How can social media be embraced as an effective part of a company’s communications, marketing and sales activities? This presentation includes an in-depth look at the social media landscape, the leading services, and real-world examples of social media in action.

Core Messaging and Branding: How companies can become better at telling the world who they are and why it matters.

Social Media Workshops: For companies and organizations that need a better handle on the social media landscape, I do one to three hour customized workshops that look at the key drivers and trends , as well as best practices and real-world case studies.

Here’s a short clip from a presentation I did earlier this year at the 2010 IABC World Conference: