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Buzz About Data but Voice Still Rules

For all the talk about the iPhone, ringtones, the wireless Web and mobile e-mail, here’s the reality few people want to admit: the vast majority of wireless revenue comes from voice services because the vast majority of wireless subscribers mostly … Continue reading

The iPod Touch is Sublime But…

After pining for an iPod Touch for months, I finally pulled the trigger recently – and now wonder why I waited so long. In short, the Touch is sublime. It is a wonderfully designed and multi-functional product that probably doesn’t … Continue reading

Anyone Care About the Palm?

Amid the excitement about the iPhone (despite its software woes) and the recently-launched Blackberry Bold, you sometimes forget that Palm is still alive (if not well!). Lest you forget, it wasn’t that long ago that the Palm was the hottest … Continue reading

How About Just Driving?

The sooner the province of Ontario – and other jurisdictions, for that matter – introduce bans on using cell phones and other wireless devices while you drive, the better. This morning, for example, I saw a woman driving an SUV … Continue reading

The Golden Goose Called SMS

MG Siegler has a nice rant this morning about how wireless carriers are making a killing from SMS (aka text messaging). It includes this bit of sweetness: “Look, SMS is great in that it connects so many people around the … Continue reading

Let’s Share a Little

While I’ve been able to find Wi-Fi in Bayfield, Ont. (mystery solved!), a comment that resonated was whether there’s a way to share a little bit of your Internet access with people who want to check e-mail and check out … Continue reading