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The Death of System Access Fees?

In Canada’s wireless oligopoly, one of the most controversial issues is the system access fee. It’s a monthly charge of between $6.95 to $8.95/month, which generates about $800-million a year in revenue for wireless carriers. Many consumers believe the system … Continue reading

Real Wireless Competition in Canada?

Canada’s comfortable – and profitable – wireless oligopoly (Rogers, Bell and Telus) could – and I stress could – be in a rude awakening when several new rivals enter the fray over the next couple of years. The newest player … Continue reading

The Apple-RIM Wars Officially Begins

Apple being Apple, there is no lack of coverage about Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter results – the highlights being the sale of 11 million iPods, 6.8 million iPhones and 2.6 million Mac computers. Within the press release, one sentence jumped out … Continue reading

It’s the Keyboard, Stupid

For all the talk about whether the iPhone is going to hammer the Blackberry, there are plenty of reasons why that won’t happen. Perhaps the biggest – and the most obvious – is the Blackberry has a fully-functional keyboard so … Continue reading

Rogers Spinning its iPhone Story

One of the most interesting things about how badly Rogers handled the introduction of the iPhone in Canada is how it was totally mauled from a public relations perspective. While Rogers was assailed for its ridiculous data plans, the company … Continue reading

It’s Going to a Wireless Bonanza…Maybe

Back in the heady days of the dot-com boom, Forrester was among the most notorious when it came to issuing bullish forecasts when it came to e-commerce. It was a great marketing move by because it fed into the frenzy … Continue reading