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Diving Into the World of Dial-Up….Again

When I started using the Internet in 1995, there was no high-speed access, which probably strikes many people as difficult to believe. Instead, there was dial-up access in all of its 28K or 56K glory. It delivered the Web in … Continue reading

A Recap of My Blogging Week

There was lots going on this week so lots of inspiration for blog posts. Here’s a recap of my writing: – Why Some People Should be Twitter-Free – Don’t Abandon Your Blog for Tumblr – What Does 10,000 Tweets Mean? … Continue reading

Canada: Get Ready for Broadband Bandwidth Tiers

Last week, Rogers ruffled a few feathers when it unveiled bandwidth changes to its broadband services. New customers who sign up for the Lite service will get 15 gigabytes of data rather than 25GB; while Extreme users will now get … Continue reading

The Ingredients for Startup Success

In my post about the success of Sysomos (which was acquired by Marketwire earlier this week), I talked about how Sysomos benefited from great timing – having the right product at the right place at the right time. This, of … Continue reading

When Should Startups Start Charging?

One of the challenges facing many online start-ups is getting people to actually pay for their services, which probably explains why so many of them offer free services. This is great for consumers but leaves start-ups scrambling for ways to … Continue reading

Six Questions with…Prezi

If you’ve got to a technology conference recently, you may have noticed some presenters using a new and cool tool rather than PowerPoint. Instead of slides, these presentations look like a giant landscape with text and images on them that … Continue reading