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The Party is Over; the Digital Pendulum is Swinging Back

The New York Times has an interesting article today looking at the launch of Path, a new social network founded by ex-Facebook employee Dave Morin, who describes it as a “personal network”. The twist is Path lets you have a … Continue reading

The Challenges of Being the New Kid on the Block

I have a confession to make. Despite all the fuss about RockMelt and Blekko recently, I haven’t spent much time on either service. Both seem interesting: RockMelt is a “social browser” that integrates your social media activity, while Blekko is … Continue reading

The Renaissance of the Web Site

If there has been a major theme within my consulting business in 2010, it hasn’t been social media. That may be a surprise to many people given the buzz about social media and how it is being increasingly embraced. But, … Continue reading

Need an Email Nudge? Try NudgeMail

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in your inbox, here’s a new tool that may make your life easier. It’s called NudgeMail, and it’s a simple, yet smart, tool to remind yourself about important e-mails as … Continue reading

Time to Legalize Online Porn?

For years, online pornography has been the dirty family secret that no one likes to talk about. It exists but doesn’t get any attention because, after all, pornography is bad, evil, exploitative and unseemly. The online porn industry, however, has … Continue reading

The Ingredients for Startup Success

In my post about the success of Sysomos (which was acquired by Marketwire earlier this week), I talked about how Sysomos benefited from great timing – having the right product at the right place at the right time. This, of … Continue reading