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Tired of Being a Digital Peasant!

It wasn’t that long ago that Canada was considered to be on the leading-edge of the Web. We had the highest penetration when it came to high-speed access, and the regulator – aka the CTRC – had decided not to … Continue reading

To Skype or Not to Skype?

You’d think judging by this BusinessWeek article that Skype is a strategic albatross hanging around eBay’s neck. Yes, Ebay overpaid for Skype. And it hasn’t panned out strategically if the goal was giving eBay sellers a new communications tool. But … Continue reading

Thoughts on VoIP

I wrote an article for a new Web site called VoIP Services looking at some of the challenges facing VoIP service providers. As some of you may recall, this blog’s original focus was VoIP (back when Vonage was all the … Continue reading

Skype: The Rodney Dangerfield of Telecom

The worst thing that ever happened to Skype was eBay’s decision to acquire it for $3.1-billion. In an instant, Skype went from being cool and disruptive to a wildly over-priced acquisition that made little strategic sense for eBay. While eBay … Continue reading

Skype Should Do An IPO Soon

Okay, eBay blew it with the purchase of Skype by wildly over-paying. So what now? After cleaning up its books, eBay should set Skype free by doing an IPO. It would probably be embarrassing to eBay but how much worse … Continue reading

eBay-Skype: I Hate to Say I Told You So….

I was one of those people who never got eBay’s decision to buy Skype. It didn’t make sense strategically despite eBay’s loud assertions it was a great fit. In fact, I opined – along with lots of other people such … Continue reading