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HootSuite: Canada’s Biggest Web Success Story?

You know what’s strange about Hootsuite’s success? It’s how muted the enthusiasm has been in Canada. Sure, a lot of people recognize that Hootsuite is a leading service to use Twitter and other social media services but it’s not like … Continue reading

Some People Should Be Twitter-Free

Just because Twitter has more than 200 million users doesn’t mean it’s a tool for everyone. In fact, there are some people who just shouldn’t use Twitter because it gets them in hot water more than it helps them build … Continue reading

Are Paywalls Really Catching On?

For the past decade, a growing number of publishers have valiantly attempted to make paywalls work to generate revenue from sources other than advertising. Unfortunately, it’s been like trying to pound a round peg into a square hole. The problem … Continue reading

Creating a Better, Smarter Social Media Strategy

I’ve been doing social media strategy for the past two years but a recent project gave me some new and valuable perspective on how strategic plans should happen. The biggest lesson is how tightly-integrated social media strategy needs to be … Continue reading

What Startups Should Not Do When Approaching Bloggers & Reporters

When you’re a start-up, there’s a hunger to capture the spotlight. When a start-up is scrambling for users, the chance to be get some coverage from bloggers or reporters seems like nirvana. To paraphrase “If we build it, they will … Continue reading

Calgary, Here We Come!

Five years ago, five guys walked into a bar…. It may sound like the beginning of a good joke but the punchline is the five guys decided to create a conference so people could talk about all the exciting things … Continue reading