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“We’ll Figure it Out Later” is Not a Business Model

I’m in the process of reading Chris Anderson’s “Free”, which celebrates how the idea of paying little or nothing for many digital products and services is inevitable. Anderson makes a compelling argument that includes the belief that free works because … Continue reading

Twitter Lists Seem Interesting But….

Update: Twitter had introduced a list widget that you can place on your blog to display the list of your choice. TechCrunch describes as “pretty cool”. You’d think given the buzz about the recent launch of Twitter Lists that someone … Continue reading

The Emergence of Twitter 2.0?

CNet’s Caroline McCarthy had a short, but interesting, story yesterday about Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital, who was talking at the 140 Conference about Twitter’s recent $100-million financing. (Spark is an investor in Twitter). Sabet said although Twitter didn’t need … Continue reading

Is Facebook Getting Cool Again?

At BlogWorld Expo earlier this month, I sat in on a panel by Mari Smith, a Facebook evangelist whose enthusiasm is irresistible. It wasn’t that I had a huge interest in learning more about Facebook because, frankly, I’ve never got … Continue reading

Assetize Aims to Monetize Twitter

For Twitter, advertising is low-hanging fruit to generate revenue. But Twitter continue to insist it’s not something being actively considered. So while Twitter makes up its mind about whether or not to place ads into Twitter streams, there’s a growing … Continue reading