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Canada's Waits and Waits for WNP

If you want an example of how to drag your feet, look no further than Canada's wireless industry, which claims to need at least two years before it can even start testing technology that will let consumer keep their phone … Continue reading

Bitoves Works to "Save" Satellite Radio in Canada

John Bitove certainly knows how to work it. With Canada's federal government looking at reversing a decision to grant satellite-radio licenses to XM and Sirus, Bitove has gone on the media offensive. He claims his firm, Canadian Satellite Radio, which … Continue reading

Telus' Web Site Blocking Debacle

Telus Corp.'s recent decision to block access to a Web site operated by the Telecommunication Workers Union, which is currently on strike, raises all kinds of issues about whether the company broke the law or simply made a bad strategic … Continue reading

Bell VOIP Plans Unclear and/or Unknown

If anything, the appeal of the CRTC's VOIP decision by Bell, Telus, Aliant and SaskTel has got tongues wagging with strong views on both sides. Putting aside the regulatory arguments for a minute, what are the ILECs plans when it … Continue reading

Bell, Telus Appeal Canada's VOIP Ruling

To nobody's surprise, Bell Canada and Telus are appealing the CRTC's controversial VOIP decision that regulates ILECs while letting rivals such as cablecos and piggybackers such as Vonage and Primus the freedom to set their own prices. At a press … Continue reading

Canada's Telecom Hall of Fame

Canada's Telecommunications Hall of Fame is welcoming its first members in October at a big, swanky gala in Toronto. How about Lawrence Surtees, who covered the industry on a level I can only dream about from the mid-1980s to 2000 … Continue reading