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Bell Canada's Take on Net Neutrality

At BCE Inc.'s annual analyst event, the sticky issue of net neutrality was raised during a Q&A. Kevin Crull, who heads up Bell Canada's residential business, made it pretty clear that Bell like many carriers in North American struggling to … Continue reading

Canadian Carriers Attack Net Neutrality

The hounds are starting to bark louder at the net neutrality door in Canada if a recent Montreal Gazette story is any indication. Most telling – and troubling – are comments made by Telus spokesman Shawn Hall who said the … Continue reading

Jeff Pulver vs. BellSouth

Big-time kudos to Jeff Pulver for his decision to challenge BellSouth's decision to try and impose tollgate fees on Web services and applications on its high-speed network. Pulver is encouraging Google to call BellSouth's bluff by boycotting the carrier if … Continue reading

The Battle over Net Neutrality

I'm a bit late wading into the increasingly-contentious “net neutrality” bugaboo but if you've got some reading time over this last holiday weekend, you may want to check out a feature I wrote in today's National Post about what's going … Continue reading

Reading Between the Lines at the CRTC

So what's the CRTC really saying in its latest – and final – report on the competitiveness of Canada's $30 billion telecom industry? What does this statement mean to you?: “The report indicates that local competition has increased since 2000, … Continue reading

Free Riders vs. Network Operators

One of the more interesting – and lively – discussions during Fall VON was a panel that looked at whether Web-based services such as Skype and Vonage had the freedom to ride over high-speed networks or whether networks operators had … Continue reading