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Canadian Telecom Rockin' with News Today

Where to begin, where to begin with Canadian telecom news….First, BCE is creating a super regional telephone business by combining Bell Nordiq, its new rural income-trust in Ontario and Quebec and Aliant Inc.'s wireline business. The question is whether it's … Continue reading

The New Online Revenue Shake-Down

Bill Gross may be focusing on harnessing solar power these days but the Internet could sure use his creativity. Instead of coming up with new, interesting revenue streams – like Gross' pay-per-click model that jump-started Overture and was later embraced … Continue reading

Rural Broadband in Canada Gets Shot in the Arm

For the past four years, the CRTC (Canada's telecom regulator) has been collecting money from carriers using a complicated formula involving local service prices. Any money deemed to be over the established price has gone into a so-called deferral account. … Continue reading

Cable Telephony On the Rise

A new report by In-Stat suggests global cable telephony revenue will nearly doubled by 2009 to $10-billion from $5.6-billion in 2005 – a forecast that comes as no surprise given the growing inroads made by Time-Warner and Cablevision in the … Continue reading

Net Neutrality Hearings Begin

The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has started hearings today on the Net Neutrality – an issue that could have a huge impact on how services and content are delivered over the Web. At the heart of the controversy is whether … Continue reading

Broadband Bandits

With apologies to Om Malik, I've borrowed the title of his book about the executives such as Bernie Ebbers who scored during the telecom boom as a way to talk about how today's broadband service providers are sitting on a … Continue reading