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Net Neutrality Ignorance

The Net Neutrality campaign (a.k.a. Save the Internet) to keep the Internet tollgate-free and/or tier-free continues to gain momentum. What's troubling, however, is Om Malik's contention that many start-ups and Silicon Valley companies and fairly of the issue and why … Continue reading

A Bad Day for the CRTC

It was not a good day for Canada's telecom regulator, the CRTC, yesterday. It's much-awaited decision on how Canada's $10-billion local telephone market will be deregulated was hit with a hailstorm of criticism from incumbent carriers who are shocked the … Continue reading

The Roots of Net Neutrality Rules in Canada

Lost amid the 129 recommendations of the Telecom Review Panel's long-awaited report, which was released earlier this week were a few paragraphs about net neutrality – but they could be the foundation for a much-needed policy that Canada's telecom regulator … Continue reading

Panel Recommends CRTC be Gutted

In a very polite, Canadian-like way, the Telecom Review Panel is recommending that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission be overhauled – one of the key findings of a three-person panel charged to create a blueprint for the future of … Continue reading

Canada's New Telecom Blueprint…or Not

A blueprint for Canada's $32-billion telecom industry will be unveiled today in Ottawa when a three-person panel, created by the federal government last year, gives birth to its much-anticipated Telecom Review Panel report. The recommendations are expected to be extensive, ranging from easing foreign … Continue reading

Net Neutrality Bandwagon Gathers Steam

It's good to see that all the braying within the blogosphere about the assault on net neutrality is finally starting to be picked up in the “real world”. CNet (hat tip to Rob Hyndman) has a story on how the … Continue reading