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Let’s Just Ban the Internet, Period

Why is Sen. Ted Stevens got this thing for the Internet. First, he disses it as a series of tubes (here’s the YouTube video), and now he wants to ban Wikipedia, MySpace and social networking sites from schools and libraries … Continue reading

Videotron Surpasses 400K Customers

With more intense competition looming on the horizon from the soon-to-be-deregulated carriers, Videotron has proclaimed it now has more than 400,000 cable telephone customers after two years in the business. Of course, it helps to offer service for as low … Continue reading

Higher Cable, Telecom Bills for Canadians

Canadians have been blessed with some of the lowest telecom prices in the world due to a combination of competition and regulation. Since the long-distance market was deregulation in the mid-1990s, prices have continued to tumble. In the high-speed Internet … Continue reading

Skype’s Premium Plans

I had a chance to talk earlier today with Don Albert, Skype’s North American general manager, about the launch of the $30-a-year new all-you-can eat SkypeOut plan for North America. Albert said the move was driven by the fact North … Continue reading

Deep Thoughts About VoIP's Future in Canada

With the Canadian government intent on de-regulating the country's $10-billion local telephone market and giving the incumbent carriers the freedom to set their own prices, it will be interesting to see the impact this decision will have on Canada's VoIP … Continue reading

Can Anyone Say "Telephone Price War"?

The deregulation of Canada's $10-billion local telephone market took a big-time move forward today when the federal government unveiled a new structure that will let incumbent carriers set prices however they wish to compete against new and fast-growing rivals such … Continue reading