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The Web is the New Postal Service?

According the U.S. Department of Justice, the delivery of Internet service should be no different than how the postal service delivers mail. This means ISPs should have the ability to charge different fees to provide consumers with different kinds of … Continue reading

Canadian Carriers: No Deals for You

The Globe & Mail is reporting it’s been a whole month since Canadian carriers have been able to set their own prices without regulatory approval but, lo and behold, they haven’t dropped their prices at all. Should anyone be surprised? … Continue reading

Competition May Not be Consumer-Friendly

The Canadian government’s announcement earlier this week to push forward with the deregulation of the $10-billion local phone market is being sold as a good thing for the industry and consumers. Industry Minister Maxime Bernier told the Globe & Mail … Continue reading

Canada’s Murky Local Phone Rules

For anyone interested in telecom competition in Canada, Fort McMurray, Alberta could be a fascinating case study on what the future holds. As the town booms because of all the oil activity, Shaw (Canada’s second-largest cableco) has emerged as a … Continue reading

The Silence About WNP in Canada is Deafening

Wireless number portability (WNP) is coming to Canada in just over two weeks but judging by the lack of media coverage and non-existent advertising by the major carriers (Telus, Bell and Rogers), you’d think it wasn’t a big deal. Truth … Continue reading

Less Regulation in Canada; Less Competition

In today’s Globe & Mail, there is a small story with a big message on how the new chairman of Canada’s telecom and broadcasting regulator, Konrad von Finckenstein, wants to see more deregulation within the $30-billion telecom sector. This approach … Continue reading