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Tired of Being a Digital Peasant!

It wasn’t that long ago that Canada was considered to be on the leading-edge of the Web. We had the highest penetration when it came to high-speed access, and the regulator – aka the CTRC – had decided not to … Continue reading

Regulate the Internet? Ha!

Can you regulate the Internet? Or, perhaps, should you try to regulate the Internet? That’s the question Canada’s telecom and media regulator (aka the CRTC) is hoping to answer during hearings that kicked off today. It’s a contentious issue with … Continue reading

Canada’s Do Not Call System Good but Flawed

Canada’s much anticipated Do Not Call system (aka The End of Telemarketers) finally launched earlier this week as two million people registered during the first 60 hours. The response was so enthusiastic that the Web site, which is operated by … Continue reading

Canadians Are Wired

According to eMarketer, more than 22 million Canadians, or two-thirds of the population, will have regular access to the Internet this year. By 2012, that number will rise to 25 million. While the number is impressive, it will be far … Continue reading

Canada Needs an Arrington!

It has been interesting to watch Michael Arrington (aka the “Wizard of Web 2.0″) launch a tsunami of outrage against Comcast in California after his high-speed connection was cut off on Friday night, and Comcast failed to provide him with … Continue reading

AT&T’s Big Brother Plans

This sounds crazy but an AT&T executive James Ciccioni has raised the idea of monitoring every single packet traveling over its Internet network to see if intellectual property violations are happening. Slate’s Tim Wu picked on this bizarre notion – … Continue reading