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Pressly Pressing the Right Buttons

In addition to writing this blog, I write a twice-a-week online column for the Globe & Mail’s “Start” section about entrepreneurs and start-ups. With the growing number of interesting start-ups, I’ve been writing profiles on a growing number of companies. … Continue reading

Long Live the Newsletter!

When  you think about the e-newsletter, it seems like an old-school marketing tool. With inboxes overflowing, who would be willing to sign up for a newsletter and, as important, who has time to read them? Well, it turns out newsletters … Continue reading

Is Having Too Much Money Bad for Startups?

In a post yesterday on StartupNorth, iNovia Capital’s Chris Arsenault put the spotlight on three large VC deals that were recently announced – Beyond the Rack, Fixmo and Shopify. Hist post included interesting commentary about the size of the deals, … Continue reading

Why Startups Need a Demo Video

A key challenge for startups is developing compelling ways to tell the world who they are and what they do. It’s a straightforward proposition but it’s an easier said than done said process. Most startups do a good job to … Continue reading

Sorry, Canada’s Not a Startup Paradise

“Canada’s ideal environment and proactive frame of mind are setting the standard for entrepreneurial culture. In fact, 88% of survey respondents agree these qualities are putting the country on the map as a startup paradise” – Colleen McMorrow, Ernst & … Continue reading

Startup Incubators: Here, There and Everywhere

Every time you turn around, there seems to be a new Starbucks opening…and a new start-up incubator – something highlighted earlier this week by David Crow in StartupNorth. For entrepreneurs looking for a helping hand – real estate, advice, cash, … Continue reading