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Will Canadian Tech Be As Hot in 2012?

As many Canadian shoppers head out the door to battle the crowds for Boxing Day deals (a strange and bizarre activity in my opinion!), it is interesting to look at back at how many Canadian high-tech companies were snapped up … Continue reading

Startups, Fussball and the Value of Play

I’m working with a startup that recently purchased a used fussball table for $200. To me, it was a brilliant decision by senior management. While you may accuse me of being overly dramatic, the reality is the fussball table has … Continue reading

The Elevator Pitch: What do You do? Why Should I Care?

Most people have heard about the “elevator pitch”, which succinctly describes what your company does and the benefits it offers users. It’s a two or three-line statement that, in theory, compels people to ask for more information. Now, you would … Continue reading

Why Startups Shouldn’t be Afraid of Competition

When I jumped into the startup world in 2000 with Blanketware, we truly believed we had an idea no one else had discovered. So, it was a shock when we stumbled on other startups also focused on the giving users … Continue reading

More Powder for Canadian Startups

It seems fitting that as 2011 winds down and the Canadian startup landscape celebrates an amazing year of activity, iNovia has unveiled a new $110-million fund. Inovia III¬†will focus on investments ranging from a few hundred thousand to as much … Continue reading

Rypple, Revenue and Canada’s Startup Ecosystem

Another day, another acquisition within the Canadian high-tech community as Rypple gets acquired for a reported $65-million by It’s great news for Dan Debow and David Stein, the company’s venture investors Edgestone, Bridgescale and Extreme Ventures) and the Canada’s … Continue reading