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The Joys and Risks of Bootstrapping

With “lean and mean” becoming a startup mantra, the idea of bootstrapping has become sexy because it talks to the ability to build something from scratch while maintaining your freedom and independence. The ability to bootstrap has become more possible … Continue reading

HootSuite’s Ryan Holmes Has Big (Un-Canadian) Dreams

For whatever reason, the vast majority of Canadian high-tech entrepreneurs never shoot for the big deal. Rather than aiming to be bought by $100 million, $500-million or, heck, even $1-billion, the typical scenario is they get an offer worth from … Continue reading

Is Freemium Losing its Mojo?

In theory, the freemium business model sounds compelling. You give users a healthy taste of a service, and then sell them a premium version once they’re hooked. It’s sort of like the free samples you get at the grocery store. … Continue reading

Who Will Be Canada’s Hot Startups in 2012?

The flurry of high-tech deals last year saw a bunch of promising startups snapped up – Zite, Rypple, PostRank, PushLife, Tungle and Five Mobile to name a few. The encouraging part of the Canadian landscape is the growing number of … Continue reading

Five Digital Resolutions for 2012

I’m not a huge proponent of New Year’s resolutions but figured they offer a good opportunity to create a public list of digital goals for 2012. 1. Adopt a smarter and more productive approach to social media, which will hopefully … Continue reading

Five Reasons to be Bullish About Canadian Startups

As we head into 2012, there’s been a lot of back-slapping and congratulatory talk about the number of Canadian startups and more mature technology companies purchased this year – a back of the napkin calculation pegs it as more than … Continue reading