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Hiring Needs to be a Strategic Exercise

A couple of weeks ago, David Crow had a post in StartupNorth about the importance and challenging that startups face when it comes to hiring. The post came to mind during a conversation with a startup entrepreneur looking to aggressively … Continue reading

Getting Acquired and Then Getting Shut Down

Hey, the good news is you’re being acquired. The bad news is a key part of the deal is the product you’ve been nurturing, growing and pouring your heart and soul into will be shut down as part of the … Continue reading

Putting the Startup Spotlight on: Sortable

Every so often, a startup comes along with a service that makes you say: “Hey, that’s a really good idea”. That’s the reaction a lot of people had to Waterloo, Ont.-based Sortable, which recently debuted recently after two years of … Continue reading

What’s More Important to Startups: Design or Utility?

Over the past few weeks, there has been an interesting debate raging about design versus utility for startups looking to capture the spotlight. The key issues are whether the look and feel of a service is more important than how … Continue reading

Is Canada’s Startup Landscape That Robust?

At a conference earlier this week put on by the Ontario Media Development Corp., I kicked off panel I was moderating by boldly declaring the Canadian startup landscape is as exciting and healthy as it has ever been during the … Continue reading

When Does a Startup Stop Being a Startup?

This may be a question of semantics but here’s a question for you: When does a startup stop being a startup?¬†At what point does a startup become a small company or a plain and simple company? It’s an interesting question … Continue reading