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Thinking Out of the Marketing Box

One of the realities about marketing is it’s difficult to rise above the crowd. When everyone is talking about their brands and products, it makes for a noisy landscape. This can be daunting for startups looking to establish brand awareness, … Continue reading

Why Startups Should Create Customer Personas

For startups looking to break into the market, identifying their customer is obvious. Far too often, however, startups tend to look at target audiences as one amorphous group that has the same characteristics, needs and interests. The problem with a … Continue reading

This Week in Canadian Startups (May 18, 2013)

For people who have been watching Pebble for awhile, it has been fascinating to see its path from a smart watch project created by students at the University of Waterloo to being the belle of the ball at Kickstarter (more … Continue reading

Startups and the Art of Storytelling

As brand journalism and content marketing become more engrained into the way that companies do business, storytelling is clearly becoming more important. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. First, good stories are interesting, attractive and … Continue reading

Should Startups Use Consultants?

Earlier this week, the New York Times’ “You’re the Boss” column asked whether small and fast-growing businesses should hire consultants. The author, Clifford Oxford, opined that consultants should mostly be kept away: “This is the human factor of growth, and … Continue reading

How Much Should Startups Spend on Marketing?

(Note: New blog posts about startup marketing can be found on my ME Consulting Website.) How much should startups spend on marketing? It’s a difficult to answer question to answer because many startups think that anything spent on marketing is … Continue reading