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This Week in Canadian Startups (Nov. 10, 2012)

Just in case you don’t subscribe to the “This Week in Canadian Startups” newsletter, the latest issue features a great mix of Canadian startup news, as well as a handful of curated blog posts about the startup scene. The line-up … Continue reading

Startup 101: Talk to Your Customers

One of the inherent weaknesses for many startup is they’re insular and often so immersed in their own little world that they fail to receive or solicit external feedback. This includes getting information from customers – something some startups think … Continue reading

Why the Registration Email is Crucial for Startups

Attracting new users is a challenge for many startups given the competition and how fickle people can be about making digital commitments.┬áSo it’s always surprising to see so many startups drop the ball after they convince me to sign up … Continue reading

This Week in Canadian Startups: Nov. 3, 2012

Guess what? Canadian startups have a funding problem – something the Financial Post proclaimed in a feature story this week. It’s the lead item in the latest edition of “This Week in Canadian Startups”, which also features posts by Wellington … Continue reading

What Toronto’s Startup Community Must do to Thrive

Toronto’s startup community has come a long, long way over past two to three years. It has evolved from a place where many people talked about launching a startup to a place where a growing number of people are creating … Continue reading

No Startup Has No Competition

You know the feeling when someone scratches a chalkboard? I get the same thing when a startup entrepreneur declares their company has no competitors or no direct rivals. This is usually accompanied with a nice looking graph with lots of … Continue reading