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This Week in Canadian Startups (Dec. 24, 2012)

It’s difficult to believe this is the second-last newsletter until 2013! This week’s edition includes Derek Ting’s op-ed piece in VentureBeat on the three reasons why Canadian startup entrepreneurs should stay north of the border, my list of the 108 … Continue reading

Canada’s Hottest Startups and VCs for 2012

To be honest, I’m not a big fan in “hot” lists because they’re so subjective. For startups, it’s difficult to assess “hot” because  a variety of metrics can be applied. And, sorry, using to measure “hot” is a flawed … Continue reading

Want the Media Spotlight? Get Some Traction

A couple of years ago, I was working with a startup looking for media and blog coverage after launching a new online service. It hired a U.S. PR agency that promised the stars and the moon, and then the startup … Continue reading

This Week in Canadian Startups (Dec. 15, 2012)

The theme of the week was clearly VC deals as, Wantering, Playerize, Vouchr, Canopy Labs, IntroHive raised pre-holiday financing. As well, Montreal’s Localmind was acquired by Airbnb, David Crow got a new gig as OMERS Ventures’ evangelist in residence, … Continue reading

The Power of the Elevator Pitch

What do you do? It’s a simple but loaded question that every entrepreneur needs to nail. Your answer needs to concise, convincing and intriguing, and the audience has to easily grasp it. In other words, it’s not an easy task. … Continue reading

This Week in Canadian Startups (Dec. 8, 2012)

A big theme on the latest edition of “This Week in Canadian Startups” was seed financing with deals coming from Clarity ($1.6-million), Skyscraper ($500,000) and Openera ($250,000). The newsletter also features April Dunford’s thoughts about the importance of branding to … Continue reading