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Does Google+ Have Staying Power?

I have a confession: I haven’t used Google+ much since it launched a few weeks ago. As someone immersed in social media, I should be all over it but I’m not. Why? Perhaps the biggest reason is my social media … Continue reading

Is Anyone Not Writing a Book?

I’ve written a book. Unfortunately, it was about investing in tech stocks just as the dot-com boom went bust. Over the past few years, I’ve never been tempted to write another book; just like I’ve never had any interest in … Continue reading

When Everyone’s Doing Social Media, Then What?

I was listening to the all-sports radio station yesterday when the host mentioned how listeners could get in touch with him via the Web site, e-mail and, of course, Twitter. The mention of Twitter surprised me because the host has … Continue reading

Looking for Blog Post Inspiration?

In writing two blogs and an online column, I create more than 40 items a month. It may not be the volume generated by writers working for big-time blogs such as TechCrunch or GigaOm but it’s, nevertheless, a lot of … Continue reading

A Recap of My Blogging Week

There was lots going on this week so lots of inspiration for blog posts. Here’s a recap of my writing: – Why Some People Should be Twitter-Free – Don’t Abandon Your Blog for Tumblr – What Does 10,000 Tweets Mean? … Continue reading

Why Wasn’t BackType Funded in Canada?

For those of us who work in the Canadian social media and startup circles, there was some celebrating earlier this week when BackType announced it had been sold to Twitter. Lots of credits goes to founders Christopher Golda and Mike … Continue reading