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Twitter : The New “Browser” War?

I was reading Louis Gray’s review of Safari 4.0 beta in which he talked about how the Web browser has replaced the operating system to become the “center of our world, and the prism by which we see everything”. There’s … Continue reading

The Unhealthy Obsession with Social Media ROI

There’s an awful lot of talk these days about social media and how it should be embraced by businesses. One of the key issues often raised is the return on investment, or ROI. The obsession with ROI has a lot … Continue reading

What I Learned at PodCamp Toronto

After spending most of the day at PodCamp Toronto yesterday (along with about 500 or so other people), here are some of the key things that I learned: 1. The stature that Robert Scoble enjoyed a few years ago when … Continue reading

Are Podcasts Part of the Social Media Landscape?

As the two-day PodCamp bonanza kicks off in Toronto today, it’s interesting to see how much of the schedule is occupied by sessions about video and social media. This begs the question: whither the podcast? While there are a lot … Continue reading

The Need for Digital Prioritization

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly noisy, busy and, arguably, all-consuming, it strikes me there’s a growing need for digital prioritization. By “prioritization”, I mean there is a need for a service that can determine which conversations, Tweets, Facebook messages, … Continue reading

Speaking at StartupCamp Waterloo

I’ll be heading back down to Waterloo on Feb. 25 to speak at StartupCamp Waterloo. I’m always impressed to see how much activity is happening in Waterloo – aside from the ever-growing Research in Motion empire! In addition to speaking, … Continue reading