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Can MySpace Find Its Mojo?

It has not been a good year for MySpace. It’s bad enough that MySpace is now playing second fiddle to Facebook, and that no one really talks much about MySpace when it comes to interesting social media services. Now, the … Continue reading

Me, A Social Media Snake Oil Salesman?

Last week, someone accused me on Twitter of being a social media “snake oil salesman”, which, according to The Free Dictionary’s definition, means I’m promoting “a product that has been proven to not live up to the vendor’s marketing hype” … Continue reading

Facebook vs. Twitter Comparisons are a Waste of Time

Everyone loves drama and two foes battling out toe-to-toe for supremacy. In the high-tech world, we celebrate and obsess over rivalries – e.g. Bing vs. Google, and Firefox vs. IE. So, it’s not surprising to see growing fascination about Twitter … Continue reading

An In-Depth Exploration of Twitter

Twitter’s growth this year has been explosive. But just how explosive has it been and how are people using it? Sysomos (a client that offers social media analytics services) decided to get an in-depth handle on all things Twitter by … Continue reading

Usernames: Social Media Pots of Gold?

There’s lots of buzz about how you’ll soon be able to grab a personal username on Facebook (e.g. And, no doubt, there will be many people on their keyboard at midnight Friday to secure their Facebook vanity plate. Who … Continue reading

A New Approach to Social Media Analytics

A few months ago just after launching ME Consulting, I went to visit Nick Koudas, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto, who had started a social media analytics company called Sysomos. I’d heard some buzz about Sysomos … Continue reading