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Wolfram Gets Serious Pre-Launch Buzz

Only time will tell whether Wolfram emerges as a viable and popular search engine but it has already enjoyed major success in terms of media and blog coverage – including this bubbly story on From a media relations/public relations … Continue reading

Newspapers: The Horse & Buggy of Media

I was listening to an interview on the FAN (Toronto’s sports radio station) on the way down to Waterloo today that featured Boston Globe sports reporter Kevin Paul Dupont. Before he was asked about the Boston Bruins’ playoff series demolition … Continue reading

The Demise of Newspapers; the Rise of Journalism?

The New York Times’ terrible first-quarter results (plunging ad revenue) reminded me to finally read Clay Shirky’s “Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable” essay. As a former journalist and someone who still loves reading newspapers, Shirky’s thesis is alarming but, painfully, … Continue reading

The End of the Yellow Pages?

For the past few years, the fine folks from the Yellow Pages have been dropping off residential and business directories at my house, and every year I immediately promptly throw the tree killers tomes into the recycling bin. Imagine my … Continue reading

One Way Video Could Save the Newspaper Industry

In the past few months, I’ve been taking public transportation a lot – partly because showing up to a business meeting in bicycle gear isn’t a great way to make a good first impression, and partly because the winter was … Continue reading

Newspapers Covering the Future of Newspapers

I wrote my post yesterday about the future of newspapers before discovering the Globe & Mail had published a lengthy feature looking at the future newspapers. A few thoughts: 1. The G&M story the kind of journalism that newspapers need … Continue reading