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Should Google Buy Lion's Gate Entertainment?

Here's an intriguing idea: GigaOm is encouraging Google to buy Vancouver-based Lion's Gate Entertainment, the leading indepedent movie studio outside of Hollywood. Why. It's based on the idea Google needs distribution rights for movies and television for its up and … Continue reading

Sports Coverage 2.0

I heard an interesting discussion yesterday on the radio as two newspaper sports reporters talked about how the Web how will impact what newspapers will cover as more advertising moves online. One thing that seems like a no-brainer is a … Continue reading

What Does MySpace's Popularity Mean?

The blogosphere is abuzz on Hitwise's contention that MySpace is the most-popular Web site in the U.S., accounting for 4.46% of Web site visits during the first week of July. Frankly, I'm not sure how to interpret this “news”. First, … Continue reading

Seeding the Blogosphere; Newspapers' Future

Anyone with an interest in in the future of newspapers should give Shane Richmond's blog a read. A recent post on how newspapers should use their brands and resources (reporters, etc.) to seed conversation within the blogosphere is a rare … Continue reading

The Colossal Failure of eReaders

Amid all the buzz about the Sony Reader, I have a feature in today's National Post looking at why attempts to create a portable device to read books haves, for the most part, been a huge failure. Nevertheless, this could … Continue reading

The Slingbox Rules!

So you'ren a five-hour train ride from Toronto to Ottawa with a burning desire to watch the World Cup. What do you do? Well, if you're Stuart MacDonald, you fire up the laptop, connect to Via Rail's Wi-fi network and … Continue reading