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Nick Kauser – mystery man provides secret wireless sauce

In Monday's National Post, you'll find a profile on Nick Kauser. Not known to many people outside the wireless industry, Kauser is the “brains” behind the new high-speed wireless joint venture involving Allstream Inc. and Microcell Telecommunications Inc. The technology … Continue reading

Microcell-Allstream launch new wireless service..Ho, hum

It was interesting to see the lack of media coverage garnered by the launch yesterday of a new wireless Internet service by Allstream and Microcell. (That would explain the flurry of e-mails and telephone calls I received from their PR … Continue reading

Craig McCaw Saves the Day

So what do you think of Craig McCaw investing C$50-million in Microcell Telecommunications Inc., the ugly-duckling of Canada's wireless market? It's a bit of a head-scratcher because McCaw has not been an active investor north of the border – aside … Continue reading

Internet access outside North America

In North America, it's easy to take Internet access for granted. We're almost at the point – particularly in Canada – where dial-up access is almost considered ancient technology. This reality came home to roost during a recent vacation to … Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself VOIP

All VOIP, all the time seems to be the mantra these days. What with Vonage raising another US$40 million, it's hard not to believe investors have got a bad case of VOIP fever. One of the biggest issues I have … Continue reading

VOIP regulation

Canada's telecommunications regulator appears to nearing a problematic fork in the road with the emergence of new VOIP services. CRTC chairman Charles Dalfen says the $10-billion local telephony industry will be regulated, regardless of the technology used to provide it. … Continue reading