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Income Trust? Ha!

You have to like the nerve of Manitoba Telecom Services CEO Bill Fraser. Just when you thought he was destined to head up a boring, cash-producing income trust telecom, he pulls the $1.7 billion acquisition of Allstream out of his … Continue reading

Where there's smoke, there's fire

The notion that there's something terribly wrong at Nortel continues to gain momentum. If the audit committee looking at its financial statements for the past four years discovers something serious, it could mean serious trouble for CFO Doug Beatty, controller … Continue reading

Nortel's Accounting Woes (Part II)

So what's going on with Nortel and how have they managed to drop the ball from a communications perspective in the latest chapter of their accounting soap opera. It was bad enough last week when the company said its 2003 … Continue reading

Nortel's Accounting Woes

The news that Nortel will have to delay its 10-K filing to the Securities & Exchange Commission may or not be a troubling development. It may be that the special audit committee looking at Nortel's financial statements from 2000 to … Continue reading

Be Very Afraid of VDSL

If you think carriers are concerned about cablecos moving into the telephony business, perhaps the cable boys should be afraid of new technology that will let carriers offer digital television. Apparently, Ikanos Communications and Metalink have chip sets that will … Continue reading

Where are the deals?

In light of the flurry of online deals recently – Ask Jeeves-Interactive, MemberWorks-Lavalife – it makes you wonder if anything will happen in the telecom sector. Why have Nortel, Cisco and Lucent have been inactive? They've certainly made their share … Continue reading