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What’s Rogers Doing?

Looks like some bloggers are pissed at Rogers for apparently high-jacking the top of Web pages to insert marketing bumpf. Over the weekend, technology consultant Lauren Weinstein noticed that Rogers had put a box on top of Google results informing … Continue reading

The New LinkedIn

After what seems to be forever, LinkedIn has finally decided to launch some major upgrades, including the introduction of a news aggregator, an API for external services, and a way to see people in other social networks. What’s more impressive … Continue reading

How Do You Want to mesh in ’08?

So what do you want from the mesh conference in 2008? What kind of panels and workshops should be created to make mesh better? The more ideas the better about topics, people, trends, whatever. You can leave your comments here, … Continue reading

The Weekly Web Wrap

Some things that caught my attention this week: Definr: a super-fast dictionary based on WordNet 2.0 that sizzles by caching 25,000 words in memory. You could describe it as Google-like because Definr’s interface is simple, white and it works very … Continue reading

Is Water the Next Big VC Opportunity?

If you look at some of the recent comings and goings by the VC community in Silicon Valley, there’s a new investment darling in town: alternative energy. While not to suggest the VCs will abandon the wonderful world of Web … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap

Stuff that caught my eye this week…. 1. A-lister blogger Fred Wilson complained about Techmeme going mainstream and his disappearance off the Techmeme 100. This prompted a couple commenters to recommend alternatives such as TechWatching and popurls. I’m sure there … Continue reading