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Engagio Snapped by Influitive

It has certainly been an interesting entrepreneurial ride for William Mougayar since he launched Engagio in December 2011. The service, which aggregates your online conversations in one place, was spawned by a conversation within the comments section of Fred Wilson’s … Continue reading

Why It’s Sad When Startups Don’t Get to Grow Up

I’ve been an enthusiastic user of Sparrow for the past few months. Since discovering and purchasing the Mac-based email client a few months, I have used it extensively and even interviewed one of its co-founders, Dominique Leca, for a Globe … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why the GoInstant Deal is a Big Deal

With snapping up GoInstant for more than $70-million, here are five reasons why it’s a big deal for Canadian startups: 1.’s love affair with Canadian technology companies continues to flourish. First, it snapped up Radian6 for $326-million, then … Continue reading

Why Wasn’t BackType Funded in Canada?

For those of us who work in the Canadian social media and startup circles, there was some celebrating earlier this week when BackType announced it had been sold to Twitter. Lots of credits goes to founders Christopher Golda and Mike … Continue reading

Quick Thoughts on Microsoft-Skype

There’s been a flurry of coverage on Microsoft’s $8.5-billion purchase of Skype so here are some quick thoughts: 1. Microsoft, whatever you do, don’t screw up Skype. Big companies have a reputation for turning chicken into chicken salad so please … Continue reading

Nortel: Messy ‘Til the Bitter End

If Nortel was a movie, it might be called “The Company That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”. Two years after filing for bankruptcy protection, Nortel is still on life support but refuses to go away quietly even as it divests its last … Continue reading