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Life in the Slow (Dial-Up) Lane (Part II)

It is difficult to appreciate the convenience of high-speed Internet access until you have to live without it. Most people in North America takes high-speed access for granted given it’s available in most locations via cable, DSL, satellite or Wi-Fi. … Continue reading

After UBB, Then What Canada?

So it looks like usage-based billing (aka UBB) is going to be removed from the scene – now that the Conservative government has decided the CRTC’s decision to approve UBB was a mistake. Now what? The nut of it is … Continue reading

More Broadband Competition, Mr. Clement?

Amid the uproar about the CRTC’s flawed and misguided decision to allow metered-billing for broadband usage in Canada, the spotlight is finally started to shine on the fact one of the big problems in Canada is the lack of broadband … Continue reading

Canada Needs More Broadband Competition

So it looks like metered billing could become a reality in the Canadian broadband market, which will give ISPs, who already enjoy an oligopoly, another way to make even higher profits as they take advantage of the growing demand among … Continue reading

What Tony Clement Really Meant About Broadband

Tony Clement, Canada’s Minister of Industry, issued a statement yesterday about a CRTC decision that will allow the major broadband ISPs to introduce metered Internet usage – something that could line the pockets of the ISPs but damage innovation and … Continue reading

The Looming War About Data Usage

For the past 15 years, the Internet has been an amazing all-you-can eat buffet. Not only have Internet access plans offered unlimited usage but the proliferation of free online services has thrived because there have been no concerns about how … Continue reading