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Can Low Prices Save the Tablet Market from Apple?

Update: All Things D has interesting post looking at how much money Hewlett-Packard might have lost on the TouchPad. So let’s get this straight: Hewlett-Packard spends $1.2-billion to acquire Palm so it can move into the tablet computing business. It … Continue reading

Lawyers Laughing All the Way to the Patent Bank

There’s a Spanish proverb that “fools and obstinate men make rich lawyers”. Given the high-tech landscape these days, it would be easy to tweak it to read “Fools, obstinate men and patents make rich lawyers.” In the past month or … Continue reading

The Dangers of Loving Google Too Much

With the launch of Google+, there’s yet another reason for people to embed themselves even deeper within the Google empire. The availability of free services that work well have been an irresistible and subtle attraction and, arguably, seduction for many … Continue reading

The High, High Hopes for Google+

So it’s been a little more than a week since Google+ launched, and the enthusiasm has been palpable. Google bubbles there will be 10 million Google+ users by tomorrow, which will no doubt see many cases of Mo√ęt and Chandon … Continue reading

Google+: Finally, A Rival to Facebook

I’ve been on Google+ for all of three days but my initial impressions are pretty good. Although I’ve only scratched the surface of what Google+ offers and there are lots of cards that Google has yet to show, Google+ has … Continue reading

Using Add-ons to Pimp GMail

For the longest time, I sat on the fence when it came to embracing Web-based email services such as GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail (aka Live.come). Instead, I continued to use desktop software such as Mail and Postbox on the assumption … Continue reading