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Can IE8 Neuter Firefox?

So, IE8 ready to be unleashed into private beta. Question: will IE8 be able to fend off Firefox, which now has now has more than 15% market share? Firefox has a few key elements going for it: momentum, a great … Continue reading

Firefox’s Leopard Woes

Apparently, Firefox has worked out some compatibility issues with Leopard but I’m finding they still aren’t playing nice together. My biggest issues are Firefox freezing, an inability to switch between applications, and the inability to quit an application. Anyone else … Continue reading

The Mozilla/Firefox Cash Machine

It’s amazing how much money that one little [Google] search box within Firefox makes for the Mozilla Foundation. According to the foundation’s 2006 consolidated financial statements, Mozilla made a cool pre-tax profit of $47.1-million last year compared with $44.7-million in … Continue reading

When’s the Firefox IPO?

If you thought Firefox – the Web browser – was doing well, check out the organization behind, the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, which reported via CEO Mitchell Baker’s blog it made a profit of $44.7-million in 2005. Most of the $52.9-million … Continue reading

Firefox 2.0 – Not Quite Yet For Me

There's a lot of excitement about Firefox 2.0 (although it seems muted compared with 1.5) but I have no plans to jump on the bandwagon quite yet despite the new version's better security and better speed. Why not? It mostly … Continue reading

Will IE7 Kill Firefox?

After months of anxious anticipation, Internet Explorer 7 is finally available. Now, we can abandon those pesky open-source browsers that have kept IE from cementing its domination of the market. I can't wait to uninstall Firefox, Flock and Opera. No … Continue reading