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IE7 Blues – Part II

I got a nice surprise from Internet Explorer 7 this morning when I restarted my laptop – an error message about missing DLLs, which is preventing Windows from starting up properly. So I'm at a conference this morning with a … Continue reading

Firefox Gaining More Momentum

If you're curious about the swirling speculation about Microsoft acquiring Opera, it may have to do with all the cool Firefox extensions being released. As Firefox gains more market share, it has also encouraged more developers to get involved. In … Continue reading

What Google Should do in '06

There was no doubt 2005 was yet another eventful year for Google, highlighted by its stock roaring through $400 and the $1-billion investment in AOL for a 5% equity stake. That said, I'm looking for even bigger things from Google … Continue reading

Google-Opera Deal…But Not "The" Deal

In the wake of the speculation about Microsoft acquiring Opera, Google has done a one-year deal that will make it the default search engine for Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. The wireless space appears to be where Opera has a … Continue reading

Microsoft Pursuing Opera?

Is Bill Gates looking to buy some Opera for Christmas? The rumors are loudly rumbling that Microsoft is looking to bolster its browser technology by acquiring Opera, the third most-popular Web browser behind IE and Firefox. In theory, the deal … Continue reading

Why the Flock Bashing?

There seems to be a new round of Flock-bashing in the wake of the Performancing blog extension for Firefox. (Check out Mathew Ingram's post for a good round-up on who likes the extension.) Michael Arrington comes to Flock's defense, suggesting … Continue reading