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Now That Mossberg Has Spoken….

…and declared that Firefox 3 “is the best Web browser out there right now, and that it tops the current versions of both IE and Safari in features, speed and security”, does that mean Firefox will really, really burst into … Continue reading

A Browser Renaissance?

When someone mentioned last week that Flock, the much-loved but second-tier Web browser, had raised $15-million in venture capital, my immediate reaction was “Really!” Despite Flock’s continued improvement, growing number of users and its drive to become the social networking … Continue reading

Can IE8 Neuter Firefox?

So, IE8 ready to be unleashed into private beta. Question: will IE8 be able to fend off Firefox, which now has now has more than 15% market share? Firefox has a few key elements going for it: momentum, a great … Continue reading

Opportunity ’08: Browsers?

2008 should be an interesting year for Web browsers. Microsoft is hoping to keep Firefox from taking even more market share with the launch of IE8, while increasingly-profitable Mozilla Foundation is putting the final touches on Firefox 3.0 to maintain … Continue reading

Facebook to Buy Netscape Assets?

Sad news from the browser world as AOL has finally decided to stop development of Netscape. Actually, it’s not sad at all given Netscape has become irrelevant in recent years as usage as declined and Firefox has replaced it as … Continue reading

The Facebook Browser?

For all the speculation about Google launching a browser (aka the GBrowser), what about Facebook doing it? Is it a crazy, far-fetched idea? Maybe, maybe not. Among other things, Facebook wants to establish itself as a platform for other services … Continue reading