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The Challenges of a New Blog

Last night, I was talking to someone about social media – surprise, surprise – when they mentioned that they had probably missed the boat on blogging. This is a person with lots of enthusiasm, energy and ideas; someone who’s active … Continue reading

A Long Weekend of Deep Thoughts

As my consulting business has become busier, it has been challenging at times to give this blog as much time and attention even though I believe blogs can be a very effective digital business card to show people what you … Continue reading

WordPress Takes It On the Chin

Over the weekend, Robert Scoble had a public (and well warranted) temper tantrum after his WordPress blog was hacked. Not surprisingly, the experience left him upset and digitally vulnerable. But what really disappointed Scoble was WordPress’ casual and, arguably, cavalier, … Continue reading

Blogger: The Rodney Dangerfield of Blogging

A post by Louis Gray about the Blogger recently celebrating its 10th anniversary caught my attention for several reasons. One, it’s hard to believe anything on the mainstream anything on the mainstream Web is a decade old until you remember … Continue reading

When Will Twitter Stop Being Cool?

As the number of Twitter users continues to climb – 44.5 million in June, according to comScore – I’m starting to wonder when Twitter’s gloss is going to fade, and whether Twitter will go through the same kind of user … Continue reading

Where Are the Comment Search Engines?

There seems to be no lack of entrepreneurs willing to take a crack at developing a new search engine – even if it means going to head to head with Google. Whether it’s Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Cuil or Blekko, there … Continue reading