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Bloggers & Lawsuits

Jeff Jarvis touches upon a subject today that I have been think about recently: bloggers getting sued for libel. As blogs become more mainstream and popular, it's inevitable some people will start to be sued by those who object to … Continue reading

Well, well….a Canadian VC has a Blog

You knew it had to be a matter of time before a major Canadian VC got jiggy about his new blogging thing-a-jig! BrightSpark, which does as much early-stage investing as any Canadian VC, has launched its own blog (hat tip … Continue reading

Blogging for Fame….and Maybe Fortune

To blog or not to blog, that is the question…but can you make money doing it? The Wall St. Journal takes a stab at answering the question with a Q&A between Internet entrepreneur Alan Meckler and blogging entreprenuer Jason Calacanis, … Continue reading

Blogging Still Thriving

The latest installment of Dave Sifry's State of the Blogosphere has appeared with few surprises – the blogosphere continues to double every six months (35.3 million and counting), and splogs/spam continue to be a big problem (something WordPress's Matt Mullenweg … Continue reading

Blog-vertising (and Pod-vertising) Picking up Steam

For people interested in the potential of advertising on blogs and podcasts, the Center for Media Research has a new report that offers some modest encouragement. Some of the key findings are:- total spending on user-generated online media will grow … Continue reading

More Love for Canadian Start-Ups

There is little high-tech venture capital in Canada. Sure, there are venture capital firms but they mostly act like merchant banks – cautiously and conservatively investing in companies with customers, revenue and a track record. When it comes to start-ups, … Continue reading