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Blogging in 2012: Less = More

Looking back, it seems hard to believe but I used to blog six or seven days a week. As a former reporter, it was pretty easy to generate posts, but sometimes it felt like a chore as opposed to a joy. … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from a Hacked Blog

For six years, I wrote a blog about Nortel Networks called All About Nortel. What started as an experiment to see if I could write a blog about a single company turned into a fascinating adventure as Nortel skewered itself … Continue reading

A Study in Contrasts: WordPress vs. Automattic

I’m a huge fan of WordPress, a content management system that powers millions of blogs and Websites. While many people know about WordPress, a much smaller number would recognize its parent company, Automattic. Automattic, which raised $29.5-million from a group … Continue reading

The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over. Not a Chance!

Apparently, the “golden age” of tech blogging is over. Yup, that’s it. Just six years after blogging caught fire, Jeremiah Owyang has declared tech blogging has arrived at a sad juncture. It has something to do with a few large … Continue reading

Is “Just” Blogging Going to be Enough?

As someone who spent nearly 15 years as an ink-stained newspaper reporter, my passion is writing, which explains why I produce lots of content for this blog, the Sysomos blog and my Globe & Mail “Start” column. I pound out … Continue reading

Why Zite Has Rocked My Content World

First a confession: I was late to the tablet game. With several laptops at home and a job that requires a lot of mobile working, there just wasn’t much of a use case for a tablet. Time passed, a friend of … Continue reading