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WordPress Anyone?

I've been dabbling with WordPress but I really need to take a course or sit down with someone (in Toronto) to get a running start. If anyone can help, let me.

Apparently, I'm a Mover and a Shaker

According to Pierce Mattie Public Relations, I'm one of the blogosphere's movers and shakers – along with Jessica Coen, Steve Rubel, Corynne Steindler and Robert Scoble, which is awful flattering company. The criteria for making the list was using a … Continue reading

Q&A with b5media's Jeremy Wright

For anyone curious about b5media's roots and where it's heading, check out an interview that CEO Jeremy Wright did with Media Industry Professional Profiles.

The Value of Being There

There's a lot to be said for Skype, e-mail, instant-messaging, Webcasts and video conferences but nothing beats talking to someone in the same room. We (most of the b5media management team) just wrapped up five days of strategic planning and … Continue reading

What's Posted in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?

A sign that blogging has become serious business are plans for a new conference in Las Vegas next November called BlogWorld. A press release proclaims "the event will combine elements of the corporate communications world with the needs of active, … Continue reading

Online Advertising Rocking and Rising

If you have a vested interest (like me!) in the growth of online advertising, it's a good morning as sales in the third-quarter jumped 33% to $4.2-billion from $3.1-billion a year earlier, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. This is … Continue reading