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What’s Up with Techmeme?

For a Web site that’s so popular, Techmeme continues to remain a major mystery in how it operates and how well the business is doing. Other than a rare video appearance, interviews and comments on blogs, Techmeme founder Gabe Rivera … Continue reading

Ecto/WordPress Woes

This is a test. I’m having problems with Ecto and/or WordPress – all my post have a time stamp of 10:07 a.m. while posts written in Ecto takes some time to appear or don’t appear at all. And another mystery: … Continue reading

What Makes a New Service Sticky?

Every day, dozens – if not hundreds – of new Web-based applications are launched – some with great fanfare and hype (Twitter, Flock, Pownce, etc.). It got me thinking about what makes a few them (Facebook, Google Reader) resonate with … Continue reading

My 11 Blog Lessons

In light of Marc Andreessen’s post on the 11 lessons he’s learned about blogging in the past month, here’s my 11 lessons about about life within the blogosphere. 1. Blogging is Addictive: You start with one blog because you’re passionate … Continue reading

What’s New with b5media?

It’s been eight months since I left the world of journalism to jump into the blogosphere by taking a job with b5media Inc. Looking back, it has been an whirlwind of activity and a hands-on education on operating a fast-moving, … Continue reading

Is Movable Type the New Mac?

With the release of Movable Type 4, the focus should be on its embrace of open-source technology. Instead, the launch has sparked a lively discussion about what many people have been saying for months: Movable Type is becoming a distant … Continue reading