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Automattic for the Money ($29.5M to be Exact)

Now, it all makes sense. Now, I understand why Automattic came out of nowhere earlier this week with an ultra-aggressive strategic move to increase bandwidth for users to 3GB – a move that will likely force rival TypePad to … Continue reading

A Sign of Things to Come in RSS?

Update: NewsGator has announced new releases for FeedDemon 2.6, NetNewsWire 3.1, Inbox 3.0 (beta), and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile 2.0. The good news is each one of them is free. I guess going free means NewsGator wants to aggressively … Continue reading

Opportunity ’08: the RSS Reader Market

In 2007, RSS took a huge step forward as it edged a little closer to becoming a mainstream tool. (Check out ReadWriteWeb’s in-depth overview of the year in RSS). While Google Reader made a big splash and Bloglines remains a … Continue reading

Mullenweg Cashes In

Now, it makes sense why WordPress domo Matt Mullenweg didn’t mention – and wasn’t asked about – speculation that Automattic – the company behind – had received a $200-million takeover offer during a keynote last week at BlogWorld. According … Continue reading

Radical Move: Paying for a Stats Package

After blogging for more than three years, I did something today for the first time: paid for a statistics package. Yup, I plunked down $3.95 to use Performancing Metrics for the next month. Not the biggest investment dollar-wise but a … Continue reading

Life Beyond Techmeme

Do you know what’s most interesting about Techmeme? It’s how many people – particularly bloggers – are obsessed with Techmeme and how it operates. Folks, it’s really time to focus your time and energy on something else. Sure, Techmeme is … Continue reading