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Reality Check: Blogs Haven’t Lost Their Mojo

One of the downsides of the hype about Twitter (aka the glamor girl) is how it makes blogs look downright dowdy. It’s easy for everyone to get all hot and bothered about 140-character (or less) messages because anyone can do … Continue reading

The Challenges of a New Blog

Last night, I was talking to someone about social media – surprise, surprise – when they mentioned that they had probably missed the boat on blogging. This is a person with lots of enthusiasm, energy and ideas; someone who’s active … Continue reading

Is RSS Really Dying?

Are you still reading blogs? Do you still use an RSS readers such as Bloglines or Google Reader? Or do you get most of your blog fix from Twitter? Many of us who have embraced Twitter have discovered that we … Continue reading

What About the GWriter?

Google’s pushing hard within the blogosphere with Blogger, Google Blog Search and Google Reader. But what about the idea of a blog publishing tool – aka the GWriter? It would be a standalone tool that bloggers could configure to use … Continue reading

How About a BlogBook?

There seems to be an awful lot of excitement these days about NetBooks – small (miniaturized?) notebook computers that provide users with enough power and features to surf the Web, check e-mail, do word processing, edit photos, etc. I’m personally … Continue reading

WordPress 2.7 is the Real Deal

For all the excitement about WordPress 2.5 with its pretty new design, WordPress didn’t change all that much for me. The layout was different, the design (provided by hot-shot consulting firm, Happy Cog) was a lot more user-friendly but WordPress … Continue reading