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RSS for Dummies

RSS has to be one of the most misunderstand and/or unknown terms within the Web these days. In fact, if people/bloggers/publishers were smart, they would turf the term “RSS” for something more user-friendly such as personalized content. For anyone who … Continue reading

Microsoft Max: A Lot of Goodness

What's going on at Microsoft these days? Is Ray Ozzie's Web 2.0 mantra really that effective? Let me explain. First, the company that somehow misjudged the Web's emergence mid-1990s comes out with a solid blog publishing tool – Windows Live Writer – and now it … Continue reading

Blog Publishing Tool Round-Up

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been extensively using a two blog publishing tools – Qumana and Microsoft's Windows Live Writer. In many ways, they are pretty similar and, overall, do a solid job. That said, I like them … Continue reading

Wireless Camping Recap

Now that I've recovered from my recent camping “experience” at Sandbanks Provincial Park, here's wireless re-cap. For access, I used Bell Canada's Passport service (based on a Kyocera card), which was pretty good - certainly not blazing fast but it offered decent connectivity over Bell's 1xEV-DO network. … Continue reading

Is Rojo Elitist (or just an A-List Flunky)?

Here's a Friday morning rant: anyone get Rojo's weekly update, “The Week in Rojo” of what's been happening on the blogosphere? Anyone notice it's the same-old high-profile names every week (Scoble, Arrington, Huffington, John Battelle, Steve Rubel, Silicon Beat)? Not … Continue reading

Wireless Wishes

After a week of blogging from the semi-wilderness of Ontario, here's a few things on my wireless wish-list. First, a really cool mobile blogging tool that would let you use a Blackberry, Treo or smart phone to do basic things such … Continue reading