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Is the Blogroll a Dinosaur?

In the beginning, blogrolls served a few purposes: they gave blog writers the opportunity to highlight other blogs, they offered readers a way to discover new blogs, and they served as a “you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours” tool to boost your … Continue reading

Some Red Herring Love for b5

Here's Red Herring's take on b5's venture capital deal. Funding: $2M Description: A blogging network with more than 150 different blogs to its name Investors: Brightspark Ventures and JLA Ventures The Herring Take: At first, it looks like B5Media’s missed … Continue reading

Talking Tech (Our Weekly Podcast)

After a one-week hiatus, Talking Tech is back. Not surprisingly, I “hi-jacked” the show to talk about my decision to jump from the world of journalism to the blogosphere by becoming vice-president of operations with b5media, which operates a global new media … Continue reading

Jumping into the Blogsphere with b5media

A little more than two years ago, I wrote a column suggesting blogs were little more than online diaries for love-sick teenage girls. I was wrong. Dead wrong. As readers of my blog(s) have discovered, I've embraced blogs as an … Continue reading

Blogging 101: Building Brand vs. Traffic

I received an e-mail yesterday from someone asking if it was alright if they included my blog posts on a “content collector” that offers people access to a wide variety of Canadian blogs, Web sites, podcasts and video. While it's flattering (and I … Continue reading

TechMeme's Business Model

Clearly, TechMeme has a large audience; now it's rolling out a business model (note to Web 2.0 start-ups, a business model is something that generates revenue to keep the lights on) through sponsorships in which companies can have their blogs … Continue reading