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Can the iPad Revive Paid Content?

I’m not sure the free content genie can ever be completely put back in the bottle but the iPad is certainly providing newspaper and magazine publishers with a lot of encouragement that consumers could start coughing up for some content … Continue reading

Does Every Company Need Social Media

I was reading a blog post recently by Valeria Maltoni (aka ConversationAgent) about Apple and its army of customer evangelists who enthusiastically spread the gospel about new products and genius of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Part of Apple’s ability to … Continue reading

iPad: Bad Name, Lots of Potential

There’s certainly no lack of commentary, opinion and conversation about Apple’s ultra-anticipated tablet computer, the iPad. First, it’s a terrible name for lots of reasons; the iSlate or iTablet would have been better choices. As for my take on the … Continue reading

TheScore’s Mobile App Scores Huge

Last week, The Score attracted a bunch of media attention for its first-quarter results and, more important, the fact that its ScoreMobile application for the BlackBerry and ScoreMobile iPhone Edition had attracted more than one million unique visitors in November. … Continue reading

Nokia’s Smartphone Aspirations

Om Malik had an interesting blog post yesterday about an interview he did with Tero Ojanperä, Nokia executive vice-president of services. What caught my eye was how Om set up the interview by making outlining his criticisms of Nokia, “including … Continue reading

Apple, Is Anyone Listening?

During the first day of BlogWorld Expo, there was a lot of talk from panelists about how companies need to listen to their customers, and engage in conversations. This philosophy was hammered home throughout the day, including a lunchtime conversation … Continue reading