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Review: Dell’s Sweet XPS 13 Ultrabook

I don’t do many products reviews but ever since hearing about Dell’s new XPS 13 Ultrabook, I’ve been keen to check it out. A couple of weeks ago, Dell asked if I’d like to have one, I quickly agreed. The … Continue reading

Why Zite Has Rocked My Content World

First a confession: I was late to the tablet game. With several laptops at home and a job that requires a lot of mobile working, there just wasn’t much of a use case for a tablet. Time passed, a friend of … Continue reading

Madness = Apples’ Flagship Store in Manhattan

For whatever reason, I figured a trip to New York should include a visit to Apple’s flagship store at 5th and 59th. One word: mistake. I’m not what I expected on a glorious Saturday afternoon but the store was utter … Continue reading

Crashing Hard Drives & the Goodness of the Cloud

How’s this for having a bad week: First, the spinning beachball of death starts to get even worse on my MacBook Pro. Then, I boot up my relatively new iMac, and rather than a beautiful blue screen, I get the … Continue reading

To 4S or Not 4S, That is the Problem

Apple, Apple, Apple. So brilliant, seductive and alluring. The hits keep coming and the new products keep on getting released, even if they are just minor upgrades to the previous product such as the iPhone 4S. Even though there was … Continue reading

Steve Jobs Picks Perfect Time to Leave

An adage that I’ve tried to live by is “always leave a good time” based on the idea that exiting on a positive note is better than skulking out the door. It’s like leaving a party when it’s still raging … Continue reading