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The Cost of Content Marketing for Startups

From the outside looking in, content marketing seems like an attractive opportunity for startups. On the plus side of the ledger, content marketing can establish startups as thought leaders and domain experts, it can provide potential and existing customers with … Continue reading

Six Questions Your Website Must Answer

Everyone recognizes the importance of a Website so why is it that so many companies drop the ball when it comes to their design and content? In looking at hundreds of Websites recently for some startup marketing projects, it’s troubling … Continue reading

How Much Should Startups Spend on Marketing?

(Note: New blog posts about startup marketing can be found on my ME Consulting Website.) How much should startups spend on marketing? It’s a difficult to answer question to answer because many startups think that anything spent on marketing is … Continue reading

mesh: Canada’s Digital Conference

Seven years ago, I got together with some friends on a cold February night to talk about how the Web was starting to change how we lived, worked and played. In a fit of madness, we decided to organize mesh, … Continue reading

Are Marketing and Sales the Same Thing for Startups?

It used to be that marketing and sales were two separate creatures. In one corner, marketing focused on building brand awareness among target audiences. In another corner, sales was about driving leads and deals. Like church and state, the two … Continue reading

Five Reasons Startups Are Afraid of Marketing

Earlier this week, I did a post that asked: Where are Canada’s startup marketers?┬áIt spawned a flurry of insightful comments, suggestions and thoughts on the startup marketing landscape and what needs to be done to develop more talent. Among the … Continue reading