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Are Marketing and Sales the Same Thing for Startups?

It used to be that marketing and sales were two separate creatures. In one corner, marketing focused on building brand awareness among target audiences. In another corner, sales was about driving leads and deals. Like church and state, the two … Continue reading

How is Your Startup Unique or Different?

In a competitive landscape, one of the most important consideration is standing out from the crowd. For startups, this is crucial because the barriers to entry are relatively low, while new or innovative ideas can quickly be replicated by agile … Continue reading

Five Reasons Startups Are Afraid of Marketing

Earlier this week, I did a post that asked: Where are Canada’s startup marketers? It spawned a flurry of insightful comments, suggestions and thoughts on the startup marketing landscape and what needs to be done to develop more talent. Among the … Continue reading

Where Are Canada’s Startup Marketers?

At the risk of ruffling a few feathers, here’s a question: where are Canada’s startup marketers? We’re teeming with developers but there appears to be a dearth of startup marketers who can help to nurture and grow viable businesses. As … Continue reading

Case Studies Are a No-Brainer for Startups

Case study: “A documented study of a specific real-life situation or imagined scenario, used as a training tool in business schools and firms.” From the outside looking in, case studies are far from glamorous or sexy. Heck, they sound downright boring. But if you dismiss case studies, you’re making … Continue reading

Snapshot of VC Deals: ClearFit, Vidyard

Who: ClearFit, which makes it easy for organizations of any size to find and hire the best people. Vidyard, which offers a video hosting and analytics platform. How much: – ClearFit: $7 million in series A funding led by GrandBanks Capital, as well … Continue reading