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Ex-Nortel Execs Hung out to Dry

By Mark Evans National Post, June 17, 2004 It was nice to see Bill Owens, Nortel Networks Corp.'s newly minted chief executive, give a keynote speech yesterday at the 2004 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto. Given Nortel's accounting, regulatory and, … Continue reading

Will RIM Surrender?

Now that Nokia has signed a licensing agreemwnt with NTP involving five wireless patents, the big question is whether Research in Motion will follow suit. When the world's biggest wireless device maker – at least for now – gives in, … Continue reading

The Who's Who of Canadian Telecom

In an industry starting to see more than its share of conferences again with less-than-inspiring speakers, the 2004 Canadian Telecom Summit has managed to come up with an impressive list of speakers. The agenda includes Cisco CEO John Chambers, Nortel … Continue reading

Wi-fi Marries Cellular

One of the more intriguing developments is how wireless carriers are looking to off-load some of their traffic to broadband or PSTN networks when customers are in their homes. The idea is that a person's wireless phone would connect to … Continue reading

RIM's Patent Fight

It will be interesting to see the transcripts of RIM's 15 minutes in court yesterday as it battles NTP over patents apparently crucial to the Blackberry. This battle is already costing RIM millions of dollars in contingency and legal fees. … Continue reading

Is that it?

After day after Nortel CEO Bill Owens and CFO Bill Kerr finally provided analysts with an audience, we now know the slow talking Owens is bullish about the company's future and committed to installing new financial systems. Unfortunately, there remain … Continue reading